Gulluk in January (Winter)

GULLUK, Milas, Muğla, Turkey
Güllük is a small harbour quarter within the district of Milas, situated north of Bodrum in the Muğla Province of Turkey. 
It is a small Turkish town and a growing holiday destination. 
Transport. Güllük is only 9 km. away from Milas Bodrum Airport (BJV), which makes the town easily accessible. Bodrum is approximately 42km.

Family and Kids Fun at Tortuga Water Park Kuşudasi

When you are on a family holiday in Turkey, you are going to be spending a lot of your time thinking about how to keep the kids happy. Luckily there is plenty to do in a town like Kuşadası, but you need to get the planning right. You need entertainment, food, and toilets if you want a quality day of fun without any tears.
So what better place to visit with the kids on holiday in Turkey, Turtuga Pirate Island Theme and Water Park in Kuşadası. It has a 4.5 star rating on Google Maps.

A Walk in the Mountains overlooking Milas


Turkish Lira in Freefall

April 22nd 2015 Seriously, how long can it go?

Turkish Lira March 2015

Is the Turkish Lira against the Pound Sterling going to breach the magic 4 TL to £1 barrier?

Personally I think the Lira is on the SLIDE.

This has got to be the worst time for the Lira, but great for foreign investors & tourists.

Come to Turkey, it has never been so CHEAP!

Turkish Lira - Sterling exchange rate Februray 2015

The Turkish Lira continues to fall.

Gulluk Marina progress 2015

So, the long long long awaited Gulluk marina is under-way, with the finishing hopefully being around summer. There are rumours that the back road with also be opened, but there is a lot of work to be done to get any of the roads up to a reasonable standard, but hears hoping.

Here are some January 2015 progress photos.

Feel the chill

Snowed for a short while. Apparently 1ft deep in the mountains 20 minutes away. Will investigate later today.

A Restaurant in Guvercinlik